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DRG FOODTECHNOLOGY offers a wide range of machines and systems for the processed foods industry, in the oven baked foods sector, the pastry sector and gastronomy.

Our machines and systems are manufactured in series or costomized, and can be integrated on the line or used off the line.

All of our machines comply with community standards and are stamped with the EC marking and food compatibility marking.

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Since 2001, DRG FOODTECHNOLOGY has provided advanced solutions in the foods sector, permitting production of industrial quantities with handcrafted quality in sustainable conditions. We are specialized in providing services and designingc systems to improve productive processes, rendering them more efficient and automated, in total compliance with system safety standards and food regulations.

Thanks to constant commitment to Research and Development, we produce series and custom machines and systems for the processed foods industry, in the oven baked products sector, pastry sector and gastronomy.

We mix, pump, dose and spray your process and filling liquids, like water, oil, brine, sauces.
We transfer, weigh, dose and distribute your products in grains, powder and seeds, like sugar, salt, flour, oregano, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds.
We cut your oven products, for portioning and for filling, with vertical and horizontal cutting systems.
We wash your pans, baskets and bins, at low and high pressure.